What is The Institute for Sustainable Peace?

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Updates on The Institute, Work by The Institute |

Over almost two decades, the Institute for Sustainable Peace has helped transform conflict and enable reconciliation across racial, ethnic, tribal, and religious lines in the Balkans, Darfur, and cities in America.  We work to unite faith-based and secular groups working to solve the same problems from very different starting points, and help companies and NGO’s  to resolve significant conflicts within communities, teams and families. Partner with us to spark change in your sphere of influence so together we can change the world.

How does The Institute accomplish its mission? We partner with governments, businesses and other civil society organizations to:

Gather change agents within specific communities experiencing destructive conflict
– Equip them with conflict transformation tools and the skills to use them
– Create the opportunities, when gathered, to heal intractable conflicts amongst themselves and their communities
– Help them to create structures for collaboration and rapid prototyping of initiatives to address needs in the community that tend to be the sources of conflict
– Make them aware of resources to enable them to meet the needs

We envision a day when a critical mass of citizens and leaders have come together across ethnic, social, economic, and political divides to build bridges of understanding and then work together to explore and then find actionable solutions for the biggest problems facing our societies.